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NEOLIFE Skin Renewal Peeling Due to its amino acids, folic acid, hyaluronic acid, arbutin and ginseng extracts, soft and non-particulate soft structure is unique. The skin penetrates very quickly and cleans dead skin cells. It cleans the pores and cleans them deeply. Ginseng extracts have antioxidant properties. The black spots on the surface of the skin provide high humidity with Hyaluronic Acid, which is found in the contents when it lifts the acne, oil and water beads. Sun spots with external outbreaks help to reduce landmarks and epilation scars in the wax and balance skin color. It protects the skin's vivid appearance thanks to its natural assets. Hyaluronic acid is the strongest known moisture trap. Arbutin is the most natural active substance known from the mature leaves of plants and known for its color-releasing properties. It is suitable for all body and all skin types. It is suitable for use in the face area once a week, in the body area twice a week



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