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NEOLIFE 50 SPF Sun Protection Cream is a product you will use for 12 months with a rich content for all skin types. UVA and UVB help to protect your skin against the rays of the wavelength thanks to water-based organic and inorganic active ingredients. Your skin prevents water loss. Provides high and effective protection thanks to rapid penetration under the skin. Micro-emission is absorbed quickly by the skin. It does not leave residue, whiteness and greasiness on skin surface. The pores in the skin do not block the skin from breathing. Thanks to Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Grape Kernel Oil and Antioxidants, it protects you from harmful rays and reduces the aging effects of moisture and protein that your skin needs. It does not contain Allergens and Parabens. The protective filters contained within are enclosed by the ministry approved and specified ratios. Pre-sun, chemical peels, laser treatments and after needle applications provide skin protection and care. NEOLIFE 50 SPF Sun Protection Cream should be applied to the face and body area 20 minutes before going out to the sun. It is important to ensure full absorption. We recommend that you repeat your protector 3-4 hours apart, after sweating, wetting and wiping. We recommend that you protect yourself from direct sunlight between 11:00 and 14:00 hours.

gallery/neolife 100ml güneş kremi

Face and Body Sun Cream

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