NEOLIFE After care for post-epilation care lotions, epilation, waxing, photo epilation and needle applications, first-degree burns, blushing, irritated areas are suitable for use. These are the only types of problems that are characterized by mild pain and damage to the skin epidermis. When our products are used in this process, bioactive improves the healing period and affects freshness and also protects against inflammation thanks to its antiseptic substances. Tea tree shows antiseptic properties with essence. Aloevera extracts have moisturizing and nourishing effect on the skin. It protects the skin, helps to prevent nourishment and cracking, and also allows the skin to renew itself. Highly efficient heat absorbing, coolant and soothing. The damaged area should be rubbed in the form of a thick film layer. APPLICATION AFTER IMMEDIATELY is suitable.

After Epilation Sooting and Care Lotion

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