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NEOLIFE Whitening Cream, helps to whiten whitening by inhibiting the excess melanin hormone in the areas used after application thanks to herbal active ingredients. Especially Palm Oil is the most effective herbal active in this sense. It sucks quickly after application and begins to compensate for color differences. It is observed that after three weeks of application the differences are decreasing. It protects the used region by providing high humidity. Thanks to its special formula it is useful to use it twice in the morning and evening. It improves the appearance of the skin after regular use and helps to eliminate color differences. Provides the formation of a smooth and supple skin layer and reduces skin irritation. The area to be applied must be clean and dry. Sufficient amount of cream is applied to the region to be absorbed by circular movements. The practice is recommended to be repeated twice a day, morning and evening. NEOLIFE Whitening Cream, Under Arm and Genital area is suitable for use.

Whitening Cream